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obstectric care

Exclusive and personalized obstetric care customized for you.

gynecologic care

Providing women’s health care beginning at age 14.

menopausal management

A personalized approach to care that optimizes health and well-being.

Advanced laparoscopy

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery such as laparascopic hysterectomy.

hysteroscopic procedures

To diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding.

In office procedures

Including Minerva ablation, IUD placement/removal, Nexplanon, DepoProvera.

Colposcopy Exam

A diagnostic procedure used to examine the inside of the vagina, vulva, and cervix.

BOTOX Cosmetics

Add volume to plump lips, smooth lines, or lift  and contour cheeks. 

We are passionate about Obstetrics & Gynecologic Care!

Dr. Jennifer Dunn, MD provides comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology health care offering the highest standard in women’s care. We provide every patient with progressive healthcare throughout her life-cycle in a nurturing environment where all her needs can be met. Dr. Dunn is a board-certified physician with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Our clinic specializes in obstetrical care for both low-risk and high-risk patients. This includes patients with multiple gestation, pregnancies after age 40, the athletic patient, and women who have had infertility concerns.

Our quality gynecological expertise includes the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of a myriad of disorders, including the abnormal Pap smear, irregular bleeding patterns, uterine fibroids, and incontinence. We embrace caring for women from adolescence through menopause.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Dunn, MD

Offering exclusive and personalized OBGYN care for women.

I’ve been practicing obstetrics and gynecology in the western suburbs of Chicago Illinois for over 18 years. I enjoy all aspects of my profession with a special interest in working with the female athlete.

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